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double-elimination next week. in los angeles, george pennacchio, for abc news. >> good for peta. >> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> answer the head, and listen the widening scandal including former cia director david petraeus. president obama expected to make his first comment on the scandal of this afternoon at the white house. good morning, it is wednesday november 14. i am cynné simpson. >> i am steve chenevy. let us get right to jacqui jeras. called out of their. >> yes. our weather had line is that it is a chilly start. many of us at or below the freezing mark. our coverage from washington is 36.
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but 32 in arlington and. sunny skies expected. looking forward to a dry and cool spell ahead that will last into the weekend. our cold front is offshore. as to conceal our picture here, highdominating our weather keeping us clear and cool. our temperatures staying in the 40's for the most part today. we will top out at around 50 degrees in the district. most of us will see temperatures in the upper 50's. more on the seven-day coming up. we will head over to traffic. >> we will start with a look at the beltway puritans to the road work being picked up. a lot of cones in the roadway. traffic still getting by to the left. but the flashing lights tell you they are picking it up. that will be out of the way. we will head to a map right now you are road work overnight on the virginia side ever to the left, and our and outer loop.
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inner and outer loop. getting reports of an accident in prince william county, southbound on the prince william parkway out wellington road. police already there to direct you around it. back to you. >> our top story investigation continues to widen and the david petraeus scandal. >> the top dollar not dennis staunton general john allen so in the spot light leading to questions reaching the top general john allen is also in the spotlight. >> they are expected to agree on exactly what they know about the petraeus scandal as the search for answers continues for the first time we see the woman at the center of it all paula eating and drinking behind closed doors of her brothers tom and washington, d.c. this as the scandal seems to
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widen and the spotlight shines on the top commander in afghanistan, general john allen. >> the president thinks very high of general john allen and the job he has done in. >> issue of support from the white house, -- officials uncovered thousands of what they called potentially inappropriate e-mails between general john allen and a jill kelly the woman who sparked the investigation. general allan says he did nothing wrong. >> until he proves otherwise i did nothing inappropriate. >> will those involved in the case have been quiet in a 911 call, jill says she needs diplomatic protection because she is honorary council of south korea and on official position. >> i have -- i should
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>> lawmakers are demanding answers. there are set to out exactly how they handle this case and explain there were no politics involved. >> we have now learned that joe kelly has hired judy smith. she was the inspiration behind scandal. she is pleading for privacy for kelly. and stay with abc news for any updates into the investigation involving david petraeus. >> they think it teenager may be responsible for two recent murders. >> they sibilant joshua to murders and waldorf and d.c.. he was arrested last week in connection with their murder of
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a taxi driver in northeast. they say a gun was found at his and that lent him to the october 25 murder. her husband was wounded. neighbors shocked by the news. >> that a shock. she is only 17. >> that is the husband is now recovering at home. police did not know what led to the shooting. he is now behind bars in d.c. investigators also searching for the gunman responsible for a triple shooting and northeast. base a two man and woman were shot at a gas station. a suspectof three victims expected to survive. >> today maryland live will reveal plans for new table gamingr gaming following the passage of question 7 expanding gambling in the state. the plan to add more than 125
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table games. at a news conference this morning there will discuss the impact the casino will have on tax revenues for maryland. and will talk about adding 1200 new jobs. maryland live will hold a job fair for the prime rib. few observers, hostesses and cokethis will be held today and tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. applicants should enter through the west side employee entrance. >> signs of life in the housing market, but getting a little weaker in the d.c. area. >> and there are more financial woes on the hill. linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> good morning. congress to reach an agreement -- the treasury department says they expect the deficit -- is
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due to a shift and payment dates compared to the same time last year as well as lower corporate taxes. the postal service says money problems taking a turn for the worse. the surplus and a pension fund, it had been counting on to help dig out of its financial hole, it is smaller than previously estimated because of lower interest rates. tomorrow was a key day because it is expected to report a loss of about $15 billion for the 2012 a fiscal year. more americans than mayor mortgage on time. this is the percentage of mortgage payers more than a few months behind on their payments felony third quarter to about 5%. not the case in d.c., the number of mortgage delinquencies experienced the largest year- over-year increase come up 11%. and t-mobile -- attached, coming up. alive at bloomberg headquarters
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in new york, linda bell. back to you. >> 4:38. we want to check in with the jummy olabanji. news for some car owners. >> when a that toyota is recalling nearly 2.7 7 million vehicles around the world for a water pump problem and a steering problem that may result in a faulty steering. there is are no accidents reported. they say that all of the millions of cars about 670,000 are here in the nine states. the models and to the petraeus hybrid corolla and some other models between 2000 and 2011. we will post all of the information you need to know about this on our website just go to >> thank you. 4:38. it is cold out there. colder in the outlying areas. >> prepare to bundle up.
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still to come, the ultimate holiday gift. learn how you can win thousands of dollars in free groceries. >> buzz, buzz, buzz. that is how i got up this morning. learn how you can
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>> we know it is difficult not to hit the snooze button but we want to make things easier. >> part of our new free iphone app. has all the latest weather, traffic and as personalized alarm towns from some of your favorite anchors. just go to >> your part of the alarm clock i look forward to waking up to you in the morning. >> thank you. did it for my kids. since i work so morning i did not get to wake them up, so they were thrilled. how about that? two people i know will like it. a chilly start. talk to get up and going. anything that will help you start your day better is good. 32 at dulles. 32 and manassas. check out petersburg, 27 .
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10 to 15 degrees colder. 45 to 50 degrees. and our seven-day forecast featuring 50's into the early part of the weekend. we have been talking about the coastal storm. it looks less likely it will get close enough to bring us any rain. but maybe a shower on sunday, other was just a few clouds. let us check on traffic with steve. good morning. >> let us take a look at a map in prince william county virginia. an accident closing southbound or eastbound prince william county at wellington and rd. it looks like everything is open a. take a look at the beltway. new hampshire avenue, they picked up the road work. no delays around the beltway. all the overnight roadwork also
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being picked up. and near springfield, things are moving smoothly. all the way up to 395 across the 14th street bridge into town. >> thank you. your giving me the chance to win thousands of dollars in free groceries. >> perfect this time of year especially. from now until wednesday -- thursday watch for the daily clue. the winner will be announced each day until next tuesday. and then on november 21, one winner get a $5,000 gift card. good luck with that. that will keep you going through the holiday season. 4:44 is the time. 36 degrees. >> new details on the fiscal cliff showdown between the white house and congress. learn what president obama
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>> 4:47 right now. and removed the fiscal cliff showdown. president obama will meet with leaders today to discuss the deficit. they have an unorthodox ideas they are proposing to let the government go over it, at least temporarily to give their party more bargaining leverage for
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change later on. a deal is not reached by december 31 massive cuts and tax hikes could kick in and spark another recession. today will find out if nancy pelosi will continue in her position or step down. she was thought to become speaker again but democrats failed to win the house majority. >> on the hill, congress looking at whether this could have been prevented. house subcommittee will hold a hearing this morning for the head of the food and drug did ministration and the owner of the pharmacy at the center of the outbreak expected to testify today. 32 people have died, 438 people have become sick from contaminated steroid injections. >> testimony resumes in the trial of a bill in-state student accused with killing her roommate back in september 2011. it would assist testified about an increasingly hostile relationship between the two.
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they say dominique frazier had a night. -- had a knife. >> kwame brown just serve a couple hours behind bars a after pleading guilty in two separate cases. he did not speak to reporters after spending about six hours in jail. he pleaded guilty to federal bank charges. he did received no jail time after pleading guilty for a finance charge. >> i think he should serve the time just like any other ordinary person. >> that is not right at all. >> kwame brown will be under house arrest for six months. will have to perform 480 hours of community service as well. and more than the dinner residents are prepared to
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handle whenever mother nature throws the way. >> they will be speaking about a snow assistance program. >> and the metropolitan washington board will meet today. 911 service was down four hours of the storm and after back of generators failed. the board will hear more about what verizon and regulatory agencies are going to prevent a similar situation in the future. it is 4:50 right now. 36 degrees. >> coming up, more good news for the nationals. why davey johnson --
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welcome back. that a good morning to bundle up. >> it is clear out of there and we are definitely on the cold side. about 15 degrees colder than we were this time yesterday. courtesy of our cold front that brought us the rain and no ushering in the colder air. that will stick around for a while. and we will get stuck and is blocking weather pattern keeping as below average for a number of days. check out our temperature.
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32 at dulles. 27 and frederick. 30 and culpeper, 36 and fredericksburg. want to show you a stunning image. this is the son. take a look at the bright area on the left side. that was a medium solar flare that happened yesterday and brought a beautiful aurora this play. i am seeing a lot of images on twitter. they see it as far south as ohio. make sure you follow me on twitter and we will share those. mostly sunny and cool. 45 to 50. and we will stay cool over the next few days. let us check on traffic with steve. >> we will start with a look at 270 and one of nine a. what is good is, and no delays all the way down from frederick to the beltway. good shape along 270. we will watch the volume building. we will head to a map.
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still the closure in prince william county on the southbound eastbound parkway. southbound is blocked, westbound you can get by. report of an accident if you mets got a prince william county brinlkley rd. the toll road looks good, very light volume to start off your wednesday. >> thank you. it is 4:55. this is starting out to be an amazing week. you remember on monday, bryce harper won the rookie of the year award. >> and davey johnson named the national league's manager of the year. well-deserved with him a leading the nationals to the best record and all of the baseball. next season may be his last so he wants to make it worth his while. >> i am sending the troops come if we did not win the division i thought i was getting fired, if i won this award i thought i was
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getting fired. hopefully i can manage the nationals in 2013. it is going to be my last year anyway. >> we hope for the best. >> here is another way that can show your natitude. you can get specialty car tag s. >>. erupted think about that one. down to the finals for the as and with the stars. >> many were surprised about the elimination. christie alley also got the
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boot. >> i honestly thought we would be voted off every single show. and our fans are amazing. thank you for staying up all night voting for us every week. kept us and as long as we did stay in. >> to have to cut the semifinals monday night at 8:00 p.m. on abc 7. -- you have to catch the semifinals monday night. >> a diamond was recently
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